Spawn мультсериал

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  • Состояние Закончен / закрыт
  • Премьера 19 Января 1997
  • Страна США
  • Канал HBO
  • Длительность эпизода 20мин
  • Полная длительность

Spawn is the story of Al Simmons, an African-American employee of the U.S. government who is killed in the line of duty while working as a CIA assassin. Being completely devoted to his wife Wanda, Al sells his soul to the devil - Malebolgia - in exchange for a second chance on earth. But Malebolgia has sent him five years into the future, with no memories, and in the unrecognizable form of a "hell spawn" with superhuman powers. In his effort to make sense of his new existence, Spawn must also use these powers to serve those who allowed him to return a duty he is not entirely convinced he wants to fulfill.

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3 сезона

Сезон 1 6 эпизодов
Сезон 2 6 эпизодов
Сезон 3 6 эпизодов

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