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Martina Garretti is a young working-class woman who uses her street smarts to compete among her pedigreed Manhattan colleagues at a prestigious New York law firm. Her firm’s cutthroat landscape is challenging, but what she lacks in an Ivy League education she more than makes up for with tenacity and blue-collar insight. After just a few weeks, firm founder Donovan Stark, takes note of Martina’s ingenuity and resourcefulness, as does her sassy secretary Cyndi Vega. With the support of her big Italian family, including her sexy older sister Bonnie, Martina is able to stay true to her roots as a bold, passionate lawyer on the rise in a new intimidating environment. Перевести описание

  • Состояние Закончен / закрыт
  • Премьера 28 Сентября 2012
  • Длительность 1 час
  • Страна США
  • Канал CBS
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