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Described by Doug Thomas of as "a little more hip than Little Bear and a little less talky than Arthur," Franklin is a delightful cartoon about Franklin Turtle, his family and his many friends. Although Franklin is a turtle, he's like any kid his age. He attends school, enjoys playing with his friends and likes to try new things on his own, although sometimes he still he needs some help from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. He has a goldfish named Goldie and a stuffed dog named Sam. There were a few changes to Franklin throughout its run, including the introduction of a new opening sequence and the introduction of Franklin's baby sister. There were also a few cast and crew changes. However, the important things stayed the same. The program went on to air six seasons, as well as a direct-to-video movie, Franklin and the Green Knight and two other direct-to-video releases. Additionally, a Franklin CD was released: Hey, It's Franklin, which contains the show theme song, m Перевести описание

  • Состояние Закончен / закрыт
  • Премьера 01 Ноября 1997
  • Длительность 12 минут
  • Страна Канада, США
  • Канал Treehouse TV
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Последние вышедшие серии

06x26 Franklin Stargazes
06x25 Franklin's Badge
06x24 Mother Hen Franklin
06x23 Hockey Fan Franklin

6 сезонов

Сезон 1 26 серий
Сезон 2 26 серий
Сезон 3 26 серий
Сезон 4 26 серий
Сезон 5 26 серий
Сезон 6 26 серий

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