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Wild at Heart 07x01

07x01 – Episode 1

08 янв 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

After the devastating loss of Leopard’s Den, the family are split across continents. Caroline, Liv and a heavily pregnant Alice are in the UK, while Danny and Du Plessis have remained in South Africa, trying to raise enough money to buy a new reserve and make a fresh start

Wild at Heart 07x02

07x02 – Episode 2

15 янв 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

Caroline, Liv and Charlotte return to South Africa with Danny. They are looking forward to seeing their new home, Clearwater Farm. After they find out that Du Plessis hasn’t done anything since Danny left, and the place is falling apart they are left feeling upset. Liv is happy to see Thabo again, but the feeling doesn’t seem to be reciprocated. Du Plessis believes that Danny killed their old enemy, Christian Peeters.

Wild at Heart 07x03

07x03 – Episode 3

22 янв 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

Danny has been working on an upcoming pitch for an Endangered Species Project. A pharmaceutical company are wanting to fund an environmental project and he hopes that this grant money could see the family buy back Leopard’s Den and Mara. Danny and Du Plessis end up crashing their jeep on their way back from collecting a lion though. Caroline is really concerned when they fail to return in time for the meeting. Danny, Du Plessis and Caroline finally make it to meeting with the lion in tow after Caroline manages to find them. Danny and Du Plessis have concerns after they find out that Ed Lynch is involved. When the lion becomes distressed the meeting is forced to be cut short so that Danny can see to it. Caroline ends up becoming convinced that all hope is gone for reclaiming Leopard’s Den. As Danny and Ed operate on the lion, Ed gets a call from JLW asking for him to meet with the board again tomorrow and Danny learns they want to see him as well. JLW explain that they want Danny’s project, but they also want Ed’s business skills which will mean they have to work together.

Wild at Heart 07x04

07x04 – Episode 4

29 янв 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

Danny and Ed release two cheetah brothers into the wild as their new partnership begins. Not all the members of the family are happy about the partnership though. Caroline is not happy with Danny’s having betrayed Du Plessis, and is completely against the idea of working with Ed. Caroline turns to Rosie for help, hoping that she’ll be able to talk some sense into her father. Danny and Du Plessis are still hiding the dark secret that Peeters’ body is buried on Leopard’s Den. Danny is pleased to see his daughter again, but she is upset at all the tension in the family. Rosie soon starts to believe though that Ed isn't as bad as Caroline thinks he is. Things end up getting worse when Du Plessis discovers a hyena digging at the grave site, and Ed thinks that it’d be the ideal place for their new quarantine pens.

Wild at Heart 07x05

07x05 – Episode 5

05 фев 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

The family are still at odds and seperated after Caroline’s decision to move back to the old Clearwater house with Du Plessis. Rosie is determined to get everyone back together and plans a dinner party as a first step towards reconciliation. Du Plessis’ is shocked after he sees Peeters in town when he looks again though he has vanished. Du Plessis hopes that it is just his mind playing tricks on him, but after he sees Peeters again in the bar, he begins to think he’s being haunted and decides to go talk with Danny.

Wild at Heart 07x06

07x06 – Episode 6

12 фев 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

With Danny in prison, accused of murdering Peeters, Du Plessis is determined to prove his innocence anyway he he can. After Du Plessis quizzes Ed about what he was doing the night of the murder, Ed says he was fast asleep and Du Plessis knows he’s lying. Fatani ends up finding evidence against Ed which is a letter of termination from the Big Five, signed by Peeters himself. Rosie is left to manage everything herself, to her increasing frustration. Caroline manages to secure an emergency hearing for Danny and he is granted bail. Du Plessis and Ed find Rosie following her disappearance and she has lost a lot of blood and is in a bad way. Danny hurries home to his injured daughter. Fatani discoverers cash and a flight ticket, which seems to confirm their suspicions of Ed. Du Plessis attempts to outline their theory to Danny, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Wild at Heart 07x07

07x07 – Episode 7

19 фев 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

With Danny not around and Du Plessis doing his community service, Ed is left in charge of running the Endangered Species Project. Kim wants Ed to go for a drink with her, but after feeling flustered, he turns her down, immediately regretting his decision. Ed gets a second chance after Kim returns, worried about her lioness. Fatani tries to help Liv and Thabo with the animal census. Du Plessis and Ed end up discovering thst Kim is an animal smuggler.

Wild at Heart 07x08

07x08 – Episode 8

26 фев 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

Danny and Ed are getting ready for a review with JLW, the pharmaceutical company that funded their Endangered Species Project. Ed and Rosie find two dead wildebeest calves and Ed wants Rosie to perform a post mortem on them. Fatani is frustrated by the fact that but Liv insists that they have to keep their relationship a secret. The review ends up being a success and their funding will continue and JLW even want to hold a PR event to hand over the next cheque. Ed is not happy after he discovers that Rosie’s made a huge mistake on the post mortem. Fiona Lynch shows up up and is revealed to be Ed’s wife. Ed explains to everyone that they separated after Fiona cheated on him. Fiona begins to think that Ed is seeing Rosie and shares her suspicions with Caroline.

Wild at Heart 07x09

07x09 – Episode 9

04 мар 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

Having lost their funding, the family are in serious financial straits. Danny and Ed try to get an extension on their mortgage but are turned down. Ed manages to arrange an interview with Sienna, the owner of some rich breeding stables, and if they can secure the vet contract with her, it will help them out of their pediciment. Alice and the children are due to return soon and Danny can’t wait. Danny is shocked though when he speaks to Alice who is reluctant to return.

Wild at Heart 07x10

07x10 – Episode 10

11 мар 2012 — Серия вышла в эфир

There are some odd things going on at Leopard’s Den after the family awake to discover frogs everywhere. The giraffe also refuses to move from the front gate and the cheetah is off its food. Fatani believes that the animals don’t want Danny to leave and Du Plessis has promised Caroline that he’ll hide his true feelings from his friend, so as not to make the situation any more tough than it already is. After a request for help comes from the National Park, Danny enjoys the chance for one last adventure. After an elephant found in the kitchen, the mystery of the animals’ odd behavior is solved after Fatani admits that he arranged all these stunts to stop Danny leaving, because he feared that Liv would go with him.