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Сонная Лощина 2 сезон

Список всех серий в 2 сезоне

На этой странице показаны все серии к 2 сезону сериала Сонная Лощина. Это быстро упрощает поиск необходимой серии по её описанию или скриншоту, если не помните конкретный номер серии, или же можно быстро уловить суть всего сезона просто прочитав описание к каждой серии.

Сонная Лощина 02x01

02x01 – Это война

22 сен 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Ichabod finds himself buried alive in a coffin. Abbie is trapped in purgatory. Ichabod's wife, Katrina, is kidnapped by the Headless Horseman. Capt. Frank Irving is behind bars for a murder he did not commit. Abbie's sister is among the wreckage of a horrific car crash. Now, with Henry's emergence as the Horseman of War, alongside the Headless Horseman, Sleepy Hollow has never been so close to destruction.

Сонная Лощина 02x02

02x02 – Сородич

29 сен 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Ichabod and Abbie concoct a daring plan to try to rescue Ichabod's wife from the Headless Horseman by resurrecting a Frankenstein-like monster created by Benjamin Franklin. Frank faces new trouble after revealing the true details of his encounter with a demon. Jenny finds herself at odds with the new sheriff in town.

Сонная Лощина 02x03

02x03 – Корень всех зол

06 окт 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

After a bank robbery turns violent, Abbie and Ichabod embark on a hunt for a mysterious silver coin that has more power than meets the eye. Captain Frank Irving is put in the position where he must choose between his family and the greater good. The Mills' sisterly bond is put to the utmost test.

Сонная Лощина 02x04

02x04 – Иди, куда я повелел

13 окт 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Abbie and Crane's search for a missing Sleepy Hollow child reveals a creature akin to the Pied Piper, whose legacy with the child's family extends back to a centuries-old curse.

Сонная Лощина 02x05

02x05 – Плачущая леди

20 окт 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

A woman from Ichabod Crane's past comes to Sleepy Hollow in the form of an un-dead Weeping Lady, aiming to harm anyone in her path. Katrina and Crane learn unsettling things about each other's pasts. Abbie has some unexpected flirtatious encounters.

Сонная Лощина 02x06

02x06 – Бездна начнет всматриваться в тебя

27 окт 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Sheriff Corbin's son returns from war, but his strange behavior leads Abbie and Ichabod to question his intentions.

Сонная Лощина 02x07

02x07 – Избавление

03 ноя 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Abbie and Ichabod learn that Katrina is in imminent danger and race against the clock to help her.

Сонная Лощина 02x08

02x08 – Бессердечная

10 ноя 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Crane and Abbie set out to take down a succubus whom Henry has sent out to drain the life forces out of its victims.

Сонная Лощина 02x09

02x09 – Мама

17 ноя 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

A series of mysterious deaths at Tarrytown Psych leads Abbie and Ichabod to discover that an especially surprising spirit is involved.

Сонная Лощина 02x10

02x10 – Шедевр

24 ноя 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Ichabod and Abbie set out to find the Sword of Methuselah, the only weapon capable of killing Moloch and ending the coming apocalypse.

Сонная Лощина 02x11

02x11 – Акеда

01 дек 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Unforeseen sacrifices must be made and loyalties are put to the ultimate test in the fight against evil.

Сонная Лощина 02x12

02x12 – Потерянный рай

05 янв 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

Six weeks following Moloch’s defeat, Ichabod and Abbie encounter an angel, Orion, that they believe can help them. At first pleased by his arrival, the pair discovers Orion – and his true motivations – may not be as benevolent as first assumed. Meanwhile, Katrina searches for the humanity in Abraham.

Сонная Лощина 02x13

02x13 – Порочащий портрет

19 янв 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

After the mysterious death of an art restorer at the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society Soiree, Ichabod and Katrina are reminded of a dear friend from their past - Abigail Adams. Meanwhile, Abbie is shocked by someone's visit to the police precinct.

Сонная Лощина 02x14

02x14 – Кали Юга

26 янв 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

With the help of Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny, Nick Hawley faces off against his evil childhood caretaker, and Captain Frank Irving adjusts to his new... life(?)

Сонная Лощина 02x15

02x15 – Колдун

02 фев 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

After escaping Purgatory, a warlock who triggered the Salem witch trials returns to find a dangerous book of spells. Meanwhile, Abbie attempts to trust Frank Irving again, while Henry struggles to find his identity.

Сонная Лощина 02x16

02x16 – Что скрывает ложь

09 фев 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

Ichabod and Abbie face demonic creatures that guard a secret crypt and encounter Thomas Jefferson in their quest to fight evil. Meanwhile, Jenny learns a shocking secret about Frank Irving.

Сонная Лощина 02x17

02x17 – Пробуждение

16 фев 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

Ichabod and Abbie fight against those who want to re-awaken a powerful witch coven and Jenny learns a disturbing truth about Frank Irving.

Сонная Лощина 02x18

02x18 – Время летит

23 фев 2015 — Серия вышла в эфир

Familiar faces will perish and a key relationship will implode beyond repair.