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Адские соседи 01x01

01x01 – Sorfindesdrillsalgoho

07 июн 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

The Hellman family is sent to Earth's surface to save hell from human beings.

Адские соседи 01x02

01x02 – Country Club Hell

14 июн 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Balthazor joins his boss on a golf outing, while the family struggles to fit in with the humans.

Адские соседи 01x03

01x03 – Gay Vampire Mexican

21 июн 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Mandy starts to date Killbride's son and Balthazor uses this opportunity to get closer to Killbride.

Адские соседи 01x04

01x04 – Screw the EPA

28 июн 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Tina and Balthazor try to celebrate their wedding anniversary but are finding it difficult to find time to do so. Meanwhile, Killbride is trying to get a new business plan passed by the EPA and when he learns that the female EPA executive is enamored with Balthazor, Killbride uses him to his advantage.

Адские соседи 01x05

01x05 – Family from Hell

05 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Tina's parents from Hell make a visit to Earth, Balthazor makes an extra effort to impress Tina's father. Concerned that their daughter and grandkids will assimilate too well into human culture, the in-laws arrive with a plan to bring the family back to Hell.

Адские соседи 01x06

01x06 – Guns for Mutts

12 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Killbride has a new initiative to collect dogs in exchange for guns.

Адские соседи 01x07

01x07 – Robert the Insult Weight Loss Robot

12 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

After Killbride’s company creates a new weight loss robot, he uses it as the new leader of the neighborhood watch.

Адские соседи 01x08

01x08 – Wolf Power

19 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Tina shows the town to the wife of a Japanese businessman; switched personalities threaten Hellman's mission.

Адские соседи 01x09

01x09 – Attila the Rascal

19 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Tina tries to spend time with Mandy; Killbride entertains a Japanese executive.

Адские соседи 01x10

01x10 – Fantastic 15

26 июл 2010 — Серия вышла в эфир

Mandy's 15th birthday; Balthazor is recruited by a mysterious man to destroy the drill.