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Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x01

04x01 – Silently Approaching Threat

21 авг 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Asuma apologizes at the grave of the Third Hokage for not understanding his advice concerning what the "king" of the Fire Country is. At the hospital, Naruto and Sai recover, despite Naruto's desire to resume his training. Tsunade receives a report from Kakashi that Akatsuki is on the move. Elsewhere, Yugito Nii, the Two Tails Jinchūriki, struggles against Hidan and Kakuzu and unleashes the Two Tails, but is defeated and captured. Hidan and Kakuzu then turn their attention to the Fire Country for their next target.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x02

04x02 – Akatsuki's Invasion

28 авг 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Naruto proceeds to the next step of his training, the cutting of a waterfall. Hidan and Kakuzu reach the Fire Temple and fight Chiriku, so as to obtain the bounty on his head. After defeating him, they move out to claim the bounty and thereafter target the Nine Tails Jinchūriki Naruto.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x03

04x03 – Under the Starry Sky

04 сен 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

The second stage of Naruto's training continues, while Tsunade sends out twenty teams composed of four ninja each to deal with the Akatsuki members in the Fire Country. Shikamaru leaves with Asuma, Izumo and Kotetsu, whereas Ino and Choji leave with Raido and Aoba. After putting in considerable effort, Naruto clears the second stage of his training, but collapses from hunger and exhaustion almost immediately afterward.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x04

04x04 – The Old Monk's Prayer

11 сен 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Asuma mourns Chiriku's death, and realizes that Hidan and Kakuzu are trying to claim the bounty on his head. Meanwhile, Hidan and Kakuzu take Chiriku in for their payment. Meanwhile, Kakashi shows Naruto what the true goal of his training will be. It is also revealed that Kakashi can perform the Rasengan.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x05

04x05 – The Next Step

25 сен 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Kakashi reveals that while he knows how to perform Rasengan, he cannot combine his own lightning-based chakra. He adds that even the Fourth Hokage, who created the move, could not combine his elemental chakra with the technique, but that Naruto might be able to. Asuma sends word to other teams about Akatsuki’s location and proceeds on despite his concern about Akatsuki’s strength. Kakuzu turns in Chiriku’s corpse despite Hidan’s complaints, and says that he is partnered with Hidan because he cannot kill him. The stress of the training causes Naruto to be enveloped in the Nine-tails's "Demon Fox's Cloak", but Yamato suppresses it.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x06

04x06 – Climbing Silver

25 сен 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Asuma’s team reaches the bounty station and ambushes Hidan. Izumo and Kotetsu attack Hidan, but are unable to kill him despite stabbing his vital organs. Asuma tells his teammates that if they retreat they will be killed and Konoha will be endangered. Shikamaru realizes that Asuma is considering sacrificing himself to help defeat the enemy, based on what he knows of Asuma's shogi strategy. Asuma begins fighting Hidan, while Shikamaru distracts him by forcing him to dodge Shadow Sewing. Hidan cuts Asuma on the cheek and steps into a circle of blood as Asuma uses a jutsu to engulf Hidan in a cloud of ash. Asuma then sets the cloud ablaze, supposedly killing Hidan.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x07

04x07 – Given Judgment

02 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Asuma’s fire jutsu strikes Hidan, but much to the team's surprise, Asuma is also burned. Hidan reveals his ability: By ingesting an opponent’s blood and standing in a ritual circle drawn with blood, the "curse" links him to his opponent and all damage inflicted on him is also inflicted on the opponent. Asuma rushes at Hidan but collapses after Hidan stabs himself in the leg. Shikamaru realizes Hidan needs to be in the circle for the curse to take effect, and uses his shadow possession jutsu to force Hidan to step out of it. Asuma forces himself to stand up and beheads the restrained Hidan.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x08

04x08 – Unfulfilled Scream

02 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Hidan’s immortality enables him to stay alive even with his head cut off, although he cannot move his body. Kakuzu sews Hidan's head back on with threads that sprout from his body. Izumo and Kotetsu try to attack Kakuzu, but he manages to grab them both by using his body threads, restraining them and suffocating them as well. Hidan, now able to move again, returns to the circle and stabs himself with the blades of his scythe; he finishes it off by stabbing himself in the chest with another spike, fatally wounding Asuma.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x09

04x09 – Last Words

16 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

A call from the Akatsuki leader forces Hidan and Kakuzu to fall back, but in the wake of the aftermath, not everyone makes it back to Konoha alive.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x10

04x10 – The Sad News

23 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

While Akatsuki discusses the true goals of their organization, Naruto continues his training. Meanwhile, Tsunade receives the tragic news.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x11

04x11 – Team 10

30 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

All of Konoha mourns the tragic loss of Asuma Sarutobi. Knowing that Hidan and Kakuzu are bound to return, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino prepare to head off to take revenge upon the duo while Kakashi takes temporary leadership of the team.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x12

04x12 – Target: Lock On

06 ноя 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

With careful planning, the group manages to find and trap Hidan and Kakuzu. However, things seem to be going a bit too smoothly.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x13

04x13 – Kakuzu's Abilities

13 ноя 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

When Kakashi strikes Kakuzu through the heart, the battle seems to be over. However, when Kakuzu not only survives the attack, but also manages to escape from Shikamaru's trap, it soon becomes clear that the fight is only just beginning..

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x14

04x14 – The Terrifying Secret

20 ноя 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

As Kakashi and the others continue to struggle against the Akatsuki duo, Kakuzu reveals that he has not one, but five hearts! In order to kill him, one must take out all five of his hearts. Meanwhile, Shikamaru decides to challenge Hidan alone, and forces him away from his partner.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x15

04x15 – Shikamaru's Genius

04 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Shikamaru continues his fight with Hidan. Hidan manages to injure Shikamaru and curses him the same way he did Asuma, but when Shikamaru survives Hidan's attack, Hidan realizes something isn't quite right.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x16

04x16 – When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave

04 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Hidan falls into Shikamaru's trap, but now that he has Hidan cornered, can he find a way to defeat Hidan's immortality? Elsewhere, things are looking grim for Kakashi, Choji, and Ino as they continue fighting Kakuzu, but a surprise back-up unit arrives on the scene to provide some much needed assistance.

Наруто: Ураганные хроники 04x17

04x17 – Wind Element: Rasen Shuriken!

11 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Naruto challenges Kakuzu with his new technique, the Rasen Shuriken, but can he defeat Kakuzu when his technique isn't even complete yet?