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Мой безумный дневник 2 сезон

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На этой странице показаны все серии к 2 сезону сериала Мой безумный дневник. Это быстро упрощает поиск необходимой серии по её описанию или скриншоту, если не помните конкретный номер серии, или же можно быстро уловить суть всего сезона просто прочитав описание к каждой серии.

Мой безумный дневник 02x01

02x01 – Alarm

17 фев 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Rae's still madly in love with Finn, but will her insecurities sabotage their relationship before it's even begun? Meanwhile, Kester encourages her to face her demons and finally confront the truth about what happened toTix.

Мой безумный дневник 02x02

02x02 – Radar

24 фев 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

The long hot summer is over and Rae is starting her first year at Sixth Form College. She's determined that things will be different this year, but she quickly starts to struggle under the pressure. When her relationship with Finn thrusts her into the spotlight, Rae must decide whether to run away from the bullies or to face her fears.

Мой безумный дневник 02x03

02x03 – Girls

03 мар 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Without Finn in her life, Rae feels lonely in college and struggles to make friends. When the chance comes to be a part of the cool gang, she has to decide how far she'll go to fit in. Meanwhile, Archie is firmly back in the closet, which infuriates Rae - can she really be friends with someone so fake?

Мой безумный дневник 02x04

02x04 – Friday

10 мар 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

When Rae begins to grow closer to Liam, his new girlfriend, Amy, starts to feel suspicious and threatens Rae. Meanwhile, Archie is finding it hard to cope after Rae outed him to Lois.

Мой безумный дневник 02x05

02x05 – Inappropriate Adult

17 мар 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Rae wants to be treated like an adult as she pushes the boundaries with her parents. After she begins to spend quite a bit of time with a group of older boys that Chloe has befriended, things turn nasty and Rae thinks about whether adulthood is really everything that it is supposed up to be.

Мой безумный дневник 02x06

02x06 – Not I

24 мар 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

Rae is livid as it looks likely Chloe is going to let her down once again, but a discovery forces her to see things through Chloe's eyes for once. Rae begins to realise that there are two sides to every story and hopes that it is not too late to sort things out.

Мой безумный дневник 02x07

02x07 – Glue

31 мар 2014 — Серия вышла в эфир

It is a very dark period of Rae's life without her friends and mum being around for support. She's managed to alienate everybody and now a crisis with Chloe leaves her feeling helpless.