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На этой странице показаны все серии к 2 сезону сериала Элай Стоун. Это быстро упрощает поиск необходимой серии по её описанию или скриншоту, если не помните конкретный номер серии, или же можно быстро уловить суть всего сезона просто прочитав описание к каждой серии.

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Элай Стоун 02x01

02x01 – The Path

14 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

After the operation, Eli appears to have lost his visions. However, when an incident with a crane puts Jordan's life in danger, it's Nathan that starts having visions that may save his life... if Eli can convince Taylor to listen.

Элай Стоун 02x02

02x02 – Grace

21 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

A non-profit attorney has a mysterious fate that leads her to Eli... and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, Eli and Julie take on the case of a father who wishes to prevent his dead son from being buried with military honors.

Элай Стоун 02x03

02x03 – Unwritten

28 окт 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

While Eli takes on a lead paint manufacturing case that may take him to the Supreme Court, Jordan is forced to defend his sanity in court. Meanwhile, Eli discovers his father's diary that contains a disturbing revelation.

Элай Стоун 02x04

02x04 – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

11 ноя 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

In the aftermath of Posner/Klein's departure, Eli tries to keep Matt with the firm by offering him a pro bono case concerning Homeland Security, and has a vision concerning Maggie's upcoming wedding.

Элай Стоун 02x05

02x05 – The Humanitarian

18 ноя 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Eli and Jordan take on a case to force the government to allow clinical trials of marijuana to cure MS. However, the billionaire philanthropist who backs them soon realizes that his own soon, suffering from MS, doesn't wish to participate. Meanwhile, Maggie and Matt try to determine who the mole is within the new firm that is luring clients to Posner/Kline.

Элай Стоун 02x06

02x06 – Happy Birthday Nate

02 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Eli has visions from his father's point of view of Nathan's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Taylor has news for Matt about her pregnancy, and Keith suspects Patti's daughter of using drugs.

Элай Стоун 02x07

02x07 – Help

09 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

Keith begins to doubt Angela's innocence, but Eli's vision leads him to believe she's innocent. When he understands what the vision truly means, he and Patti come to a turning point in their relationship. Meanwhile, Frank sets up Eli on a blind date, and Maggie gives advice to Matt on Taylor's pregnancy.

Элай Стоун 02x08

02x08 – Owner of a Lonely Heart

16 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

While representing a Nobel Prize winner destined to find the secret of cold fusion in the future, Eli undergoes a dangerous procedure with Chen's rival acupuncturist to see if he has a future with Ashley Cardiff. Meanwhile, Taylor learns more than she wants to about her father while representing him in his divorce.

Элай Стоун 02x09

02x09 – Two Ministers

30 дек 2008 — Серия вышла в эфир

When Nathan asks Eli to be the minister at his wedding, Eli is forced to turn to Frank's rival to undergo the "Dark Truth" ritual and learn what his visions mean. Meanwhile, Taylor and Matt get unwanted news about their unborn child, and Keith and Eli defend a minister in a discrimination case.

Элай Стоун 02x10

02x10 – Sonoma

16 мар 2009 — Серия вышла в эфир

Eli, Maggie, Matt, and Taylor all end up working in the same case, in a small town called Sonoma. Eli and Maggie get much more close, but they end up having an argument.

Элай Стоун 02x11

02x11 – Mortal Combat

23 мар 2009 — Серия вышла в эфир

While handling the Sonoma case, Eli and Maggie deal with the change in their relationship and Maggie meets a new man.

Элай Стоун 02x12

02x12 – Tailspin

30 мар 2009 — Серия вышла в эфир

Eli starts to get envious of Maggie going out with Paul, especially since Paul works at Posner & Klein, where Maggie works. Meanwhile, Eli fights for the little man against a greedy CEO whose bad decisions cost hundreds of jobs.

Элай Стоун 02x13

02x13 – Flight Path

06 апр 2009 — Серия вышла в эфир

After seeing a vision of a plane crash, Eli is convinced that one of his friends will die in a plane crash. British actress Jaime Murray and Gregory Smith co-star.