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Чёрная метка 01x01

01x01 – Burn Notice

28 июн 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael Westen is a spy who receives a "burn notice" while on assignment. Spies are not fired, rather they are issued a burn notice to let the agent know their services are no longer required. Penniless, Michael returns to his roots in Miami where he freelances his skills to earn money. First up, Michael helps a man clear his name after valuable pieces of art and jewelery are stolen.

Чёрная метка 01x02

01x02 – Identity

05 июл 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael helps Madeline's friend retrieve money from a swindler, and in return he receives information about some visitors that came to his mother's home.

Чёрная метка 01x03

01x03 – Fight or Flight

12 июл 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

A drug dealer is witnessed brutally beating up a man by a single mother. Oleg asks Michael to help the woman, Cara, his best waitress, after she stops showing up for work.

Чёрная метка 01x04

01x04 – Старые друзья

19 июл 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael's friend, Bill, asks for the spy's help in freeing his daughter from a prostitution ring. Meanwhile, Michael dodges multiple assassination attempts.

Чёрная метка 01x05

01x05 – Семейный бизнес

26 июл 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners who are pressuring an airport supervisor and his pregnant wife. The FBI begin to put pressure on Sam to gather more information on Michael.

Чёрная метка 01x06

01x06 – Unpaid Debts

02 авг 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael discovers a surprise aboard a boat he has retrieved from Jamaican gangsters. Meanwhile, a CSS agent urges Michael to stop his investigation into who burned him.

Чёрная метка 01x07

01x07 – Broken Rules

09 авг 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael works to rid a community in little Havana of a crime boss, all the while baiting Jason Bly at the risk of his family and friends.

Чёрная метка 01x08

01x08 – Wanted Man

16 авг 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

With Michael's assistance, Fiona helps a man who has been framed for the theft of an expensive brooch.

Чёрная метка 01x09

01x09 – Hard Bargain

23 авг 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

A man's fiancée is kidnapped from the house he is looking after. Meanwhile, Michael is offered information on how he can clear his burn notice.

Чёрная метка 01x10

01x10 – False Flag

13 сен 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael is hired to track down a woman's estranged husband, who has disappeared with their son. Michael soon finds himself pitted against somebody just as skilled and dangerous as he is.

Чёрная метка 01x11

01x11 – Dead Drop (1)

20 сен 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Sam takes on a case for a woman named Gillian, who is being blackmailed into using her security clearance to help smuggle heroin into the United States. Meanwhile, Michael is busy trying to arrange a meeting with Philip Cowan.

Чёрная метка 01x12

01x12 – Loose Ends (2)

20 сен 2007 — Серия вышла в эфир

Michael must rescue Sam from heroin smugglers, who happen to be ex-Special Forces, while also evading agents who are out to get him.